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Questions pertaining to specific breeds, please just ask me :)

Do I pay full price up front?

No! I require a non- refundable $250 retainer when you pick your puppy. This ensures the puppy goes to you and no one else can claim him or her. 
The remaining balance is due the day you take your puppy home.

Is the retainer refundable?

No, the retainer is non-refundable.

Can I pick a puppy of certain breed before it has even been born?

Yes! I do allow early retainers. 
Your name gets put onto a list and will be notified when the litter is born. If there isn't a puppy that you absolutely love, your name will stay on the list for the next litter. :)

Is there a health guarantee?

Absolutely! We provide a one year health guarantee for any genetic health issues. 

Is my puppy potty trained and sleeping when it comes home?

Great questions!
We work hard with your puppy and give them a great head start with potty-training. All of our puppies have started bell training to ring the bell to go outside, just like their Moms.
All puppies are sleeping through the night for usually 7 hours by the time they go home.
They of course go through a transition period in their new forever home, so some grace is required the first couple of weeks. :) 
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