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Havapoos: Your Family's Furry Sweethearts

Looking for a furry friend to fill your family with love and joy? Meet Havapoos, the perfect family breed! Combining the best traits of Havanese and Poodle, these adorable pups are the ultimate companions for all ages. Let's dive into the heartwarming world of Havapoos and discover why they are the perfect addition to your family!

We have darling Havapoos that will be available at the beginning of August. Please click here to see available havapoo puppies at Sappy Paws Breeding in Lebanon Oregon!

The Perfect Blend of Affection and Intelligence: Havapoos possess an enchanting combination of love and intelligence that instantly captivates the hearts of their families. With roots from the affectionate Havanese and the highly intelligent Poodle, these adorable furry friends are not only cuddly but also incredibly quick learners, making training a breeze.

Family Love: Havapoos, Your Family's Furry Sweethearts. When it comes to family, Havapoos are the epitome of devotion. Their warm and affectionate nature fosters strong bonds with each family member, showering everyone with their unconditional love. From kids to seniors, these sweet pups adapt effortlessly, ensuring they fit seamlessly into any household.

Low Shedding and Allergy-Friendly: For families with allergies, Havapoos are a blessing in disguise. Thanks to their Poodle lineage, they typically have low-shedding coats, reducing allergens and making them a suitable choice for households with sensitivities.

Social Butterflies: Havapoos are true social butterflies who love meeting new people and other furry friends. Their amicable nature and friendly demeanor make them wonderful companions in various social settings, whether it's a family gathering or a visit to the dog park.

Adaptable to Any Living Space: With their small to moderate size and adaptable nature, Havapoos thrive in various living spaces, from cozy apartments to spacious homes with yards. As long as they receive love, attention, and regular exercise, they'll be content and happy.

Havapoos are your family's new best friend! With their loving nature, intelligence, and playfulness, they'll bring endless joy to your home. Don't miss the chance to welcome these heartwarming pups into your family. Get ready to fall in love with Havapoos and create unforgettable memories together! To visit your new Havapoo Puppy in Oregon, please contact us here at Sappy Paws! We can't wait to introduce you to your new furry family member.

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