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The best Father's Day gift for the Dad in your life...a puppy!

Aussalier puppy for sale in Lebanon Oregon

Father's Day is just around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the superhero in your life than by showering him with unconditional love from a fluffy, four-legged companion? The best father's day gift for the Dad in your life... a puppy!

If you're looking for a heart-melting surprise that will make your dad's heart skip a beat, consider getting him a playful pup to fill his days with joy and wagging tails. Brace yourself for an overload of cuteness and prepare to witness an unbreakable bond forged between a dad and his new fur-baby!

Aussalier and Cavapoo puppies playing at Sappy Paws in Lebanon Oregon

Here at Sappy Paws Breeding in Lebanon Oregon, we have the perfect pup to join your family! Choose from Havapoos, Cavapoos and Aussaliers.

A bond between a dad and his four-legged best friend is truly a sight to behold. From heartwarming walks in the park to epic games of fetch, the adventures will be endless. So, get ready to celebrate the paw-some Dad in your family and give him a gift that will remind him every day just how loved and appreciated he truly is.

Happy Father's Day to all the dog-loving dads out there!

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