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Our First Blog Post!

Hellooooo, friends!

With our new site up and running, we thought it would be a great time to just go ahead and do our very first blog post! So first things first - thank you so much for being here. Just taking the time to check out our site means so much to us and THANK YOU for coming and reading our post as well!

As you may have caught on from the other pages, we are a family run business. My daughters, my mother & myself all work together to care for, love on and breed the dogs. It was really important to me that my family is included in this. We are very family oriented in this house! Which is another reason that we find it so important that all of our pups go to good, loving homes. And I know that if you were to take one of these little cuties home with you, they would instantly become a part of your family.

We are located in a little town called Lebanon, Oregon. Nestled in the eastern edge of the Willamette Valley. (We also happen to be the grass seed capital of the world, how cool!) We are about 70 miles south of Portland, Oregon & 35 miles north of Eugene, Oregon.

We specialize in some absolutely adorable designer breeds. We have Havapoos (Havadoodle), Cavapoos (King charles cavalier/poodle), and Ausseliers. The mamas are our family dogs, but don't be mistaken - we love, snuggle, and spend time with all of them, not just ours. :) I don't want to brag but my grandkids say our house is their favorite place to be. Whether the reason is because they love nana & papa or because they get to play with and snuggle puppies still remains a mystery. ;)

Anyways! I just wanted to pop in and say hi and share a little bit about us. I can't wait to share more!

Sappy Paws

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I can’t say enough about the two pups we brought in to our family from TAMIEKA. We have one Havapoo and one Cavapoo from Sappy Paws. They are both the best girls. Easy to train and do happy to please.

I highly recommend talking with TAMIEKA. She has been so easy to stay in touch with and helpful to every question I’ve asked.

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